Why this blog? It is risky to expose one's heart, one's deepest thoughts, soul-wanderings and experiences (both happy and failed). Encouraged by friends for 30 years to share my little musings, innermost reflections, blatant failures and daily struggles, I am plowing under Fear, taking a Leap, and ready for the Adventure. Thanks for helping me get to this point. How does one effectively unveil (in a brief amount of words) all that this Beautiful Adventure called Life presents? While I promise to impart deeply from my heart, surely some of my Sharings will offend a few; but perhaps my Life's Journey will encourage others. Will you please consider sharing with me in return? Love, de


Thursday, December 8, 2016

All Dressed Up and No Where to Go!

A warm welcome to all who chance upon this post...

All Dressed Up With No Where To Go!  

As the year comes to a close, I am reminded of this blog begun earlier in 2016 -- 
     or was it 2015? 

My two best friends - my "ever-so-dear" husband, and my uncle, who is more like a dear big brother, have been my biggest supporters and encouragers, and because of them, I have chosen to actually begin posting to this blog.

The blog has remained lifeless - nothingness - from its inception - because of FEAR.

Does Fear ever influence your words or actions?

Besides, maybe no one will ever read this blog post? 

That wouldn't be bad - 
     or good - 
          just that no one would read it - 
               but at least I posted it!   giggling

All that Fear would have been for nothing -- except that Fear crushed my soul.

So as 2016 ends (a year of many changes), 
     I have chosen to "unbury" my Fear -- 
          to risk and dig it up, 
               and throw it into the air! 

Now Fear can go somewhere else - hopefully never finding a home as accommodating as mine was.

Decades ago, two writers in particular influenced my soul-searching.

1) My favorite all-time quote:

Simple, encompassing, and serene, a Transcendent Gratitude transformed my way of viewing everything and everyone in my life. Gratitude strengthened my resolve, empowered me to overcome much-felt helplessness, and gifted me to lavish Mercy in ways I did not know existed previously.

Especially when I fell down, disappointed myself, or failed to meet the expectations of others, this quote would quieten my soul.

2) The second most profoundly-changing quote in my life:

Unassuming, life-affirming, action-filled, her quote transformed how I chose to LIVE my faith, rather than to only talk about it. When directly asked, it is enjoyable to share certain thoughts and beliefs, but even MORE -- to listen to what others have to say. Always my life is made more full and greatly enriched by listening.

So what finally prompted me to activate this blog that was 

"all dressed up, yet unused"?

It was today's Eckhart Tolle timely quote from Simple Reminders:


Not a martyr-like passivity, 
     but a moving forward in gratitude 
          toward a far more beautiful enjoyment of Life than previously understood or sought.

It is the (hopefully) peaceful, 
     (less hostile) acceptance of giving up control 
          (especially of those things, events, and people over which we have no control).

The more we yield or relinquish control (of a situation or person) 
     in a spirit of Gratitude, 
          the more Love and Serenity (the "Peace that passes understanding") 
               can permeate our lives, and the lives of those around us.

These messages helped me through times of great suffering - both physical and emotional - by helping me to see more "sides of the coin", and sensing that the best is sure to come.


Will you consider bringing me great pleasure by sharing your favorite life-changing quote (or personal thought), and how it helped transform the way you live?